Tecfan's TMTP join script

Some sites, including TMX, does not accept links in its BBcode that does not start with "http". This script sends the user to a TM server via this page.


The login of the server (account) (for example: tecfan3)

Troubleshooting / list of error messages

Error 0: You have to enter a login/account name for the server.


Questions and answers

How do I find the login of the server?

You have to favorite the server, and then log in at https://player.trackmania.com/main.php?view=favorites. Hover your mouse over the "join favorite server" picture, and there it will be.


v1.0.3 - 21st February, 2010

  • Tweaked: design update. Moved the menu to under the header and added gradient background colors

v1.0.2 - 19th December, 2009

  • Fixed: The HTML link didn't actually have "http://" in it..

v1.0.1 - 5th November, 2009

  • New: overview of error codes with information on how to fix the problem.

v1.0 - 1st November, 2009

  • First version with a GUI


Send a message on the TMNF TMX to user: Tecfan.